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First Time Fiora — May 12, 2016

First Time Fiora

At this instant, I am reading and going over what moves she has – trying to figure out the best combos to use before starting up a game. Damn, she looks complicated. It also looks like she has a few combo options – all of which are going to ruin your day if you’re on the receiving end. Looks like my kinda champ!

I can’t say I’ve never looked at any of these champs before, but it has been a while. I know that playing against Fiora can get out of hand really fast if you don’t shut her down from the start. Deny deny deny the kills! I have only ever played against her as Malphite and I must have been playing with people who didn’t really understand how she worked, because she’s only snowballed against me once. Other times, I’ve seen her carry like nobody’s business.  I have noticed she is either really good or really bad and not much in between the two.

The very first time I played her, I elected to take Flash and Teleport. I figured since she had some healing abilities, there was no need to double up. I can see her as a decent assassin as well, so the teleport may come in handy. Flash I can hopefully save to get me away from the gankers through a wall, depending on who I play against. Turns out I should have definitely taken the heal, instead of flash.

First Impression:
– [Before play] Her passive, Duelists Dance – The description used in her Champion ability preview states she “challenges” nearby enemies to “dodge” (?) her.  I had to watch the video a couple of times to understand wtf that little golden halo was. It also says if she completes her “challenge” she gets a small bonus. The description does not say what that bonus is. I had to go to the Champion Wiki to get the skinny. It would appear that completing this “challenge” is VERY worth it, and should be looked at like an objective. I can see how this can easily get you into the trouble, though. I can tell you right now, that I’m probably going to concentrate on this too hard.
– [Before Play] I’m guess E>W>Q>R is going to be the go-to combo for taking people out. I can see her all-in is CRAZY STRONG and I’m going to want to lay-low with using my abilities for farming so I can use it against whoever is going to be top lane. I’m actually pretty excited to play her, and I get the feeling that I will probably spend a few games getting to know her a bit better so I can write her a bit more confidently.
– [After play] Well, I had a rougher start than I anticipated. It took me a good few minutes to try to remember how I’ve seen others play. (Before you say something, I normally watch some YouTube vids before diving into a new champ, but I’m attempting to do a true “learn as you go” thing.) I also relied on my teammate to focus champs rather than try to go for both at the same time. I’m not blaming them, because I could have communicated better – such is life. Anyways, her Q makes a good flash replacement and really fun engage. Her passive was pretty much useless in a 2v2 top scenario. I all but forgot about it by the time the game was halfway done.

– She has a decent “kill them by level 2” set up, as long as her health isn’t lower than the enemy’s. I haven’t gotten to play her in a 1v1 top scenario, and I’m not sure I’ll get to until I’m well out of the super low level. By the time I’m not, she probably won’t be free to play. Sadface.
– She’s decently fun to play. Her combos take some practice, but I actually like that.
– Landing her W block takes some good prediction skills. I am happy that it doubles as an attack as well, otherwise that would be too linear of a playstyle for me. I like having options.

– As it stands, I’m not sure I like her ult. Yes, it gives a good boost, but it’s not very final. I’m partial to “landing the final blow” ults, and I think Fiora’s should be something more fitting to that, rather than just making her Q/W/E better for a short time. Yeah, it’s cool that she can heal the team a little if she gets 4 hits on someone or if they die after 1 hit, but I feel like Riot just added that in there to make it less…”meh”.
– Fiora’s ult is very situation. I guess you could say that about any ult, but this one really only feels useful in a few situations. Unless you’re on a voice chat with a teammate, I think the usefulness of this ult really drops without it. I’d like to hear some other people’s thoughts on Fiora’s ult, as it’s very likely I’m missing something…but that comes with only playing her a few times.


Thanks for reading again, folks. Hope you’re enjoying the ride so far. Cheers!

First Time Elise —

First Time Elise

I had to play her for a few games to really get a feel for her whole kit. Having those extra abilities as a spider makes remembering how everything works just a bit harder! That’s good news, though – I was willing to keep playing her, because she was fun for me!

First Impression:
Very dynamic! There’s something she can do for almost any situation. I like that there is a very obvious give-and-take relationship between her two-legged and eight-legged form. She loses her range (obviously), but it’s not a “real” sacrifice as it implies.  Her Q lets her dash to an enemy and her E allows for a ranged attack, or getting away around a wall.

– Really fun, and I think she can be really unpredictable.
– All of her attacks are useful for nearly any situation. She’s got something to keep her lane under control and to help out others. She’s got attacks that take out huge damage ( I think to make up for not having a real ult) that I definitely used two or seven times to get a kill.
– She can carry the team, no problem! Not that I’ve gotten to do that yet, but the potential is definitely there.
– Easy to use for ganks, I had a lot more confidence using her to go help top or bot when jungle wasn’t available. (Which is most of the time in in the low levels)

– I’ll have to get back to you.


Over all, I’m considering buying Elise after playing  her for a few games. I want to keep playing her instead of moving on a to a new champion, but that would be problematic for my blog…Also, I’m really digging her Death Blossom skin. I’ve got a thing for skins, so I’ll have to work on getting some S’s in gameplay. Keys please!


Thanks, Readers! Cheers.

First Time Anivia — May 11, 2016

First Time Anivia

Let me start by saying, WOW that was boring. I’m not even going to post the stats, because they were prreettty embarrassing.


First impressions:

Anivia was far too linear for me to have fun. You HAVE to Q>E or R>E to even get a decent shot off on your opponent. If you miss your Q, you have to wait for what feels like an eternity of a cooldown before you can try again. It doesn’t feel like there is a decent all-in when the enemy in your lane in vulnerable. It’s like you get once chance to all-in, and one chance only. It kinda feels like you’re left to pick off enemies that tried to get away, but there’s not much for you to do in that situation either, but try to get them stuck with your wall.

– Her passive is cool. Just come back to life full health!
– The wall is fun to use.

– The passive is cool,  but I really hate that it’s so easily wasted. I think this is because I am a Zilean main, so I really don’t like not having control of when I could come back to life. If you’re trapped, it just leaves you to die. Again. Then it takes you that much longer to respawn and that REALLY helps you fall behind even more. Even though it’s a passive, it doesn’t have the same feel to it as Guardian Angel, either. Don’t know why.
– Her Q just feels meh. For some reason, the Q just didn’t do it for me. It felt really underwhelming, and it relied on a LOT of prediction because shooting it is SO. SLOW. It travels so slow that you have to predict where your opponent is going to be nearly 3 seconds ahead of time (Yes, I realize you can pop your Q off early, but they still have to run into the ice ball for that happen).
– It feel like she uses loads of mana compared to other mages. I think I ended up being too conservative with my pokes because of it, trying to save for the one second where the enemy might goofed up that you could take advantage of.

Well I better stop there, or this blog will start getting pretty long. All in all, I did not enjoy playing Anivia (sorry Anivia mains). I probably will not be playing her again. I did learn, however, that she is incredibly vulnerable early game, and if I ever play against her, I am going to be far more aggressive with my early game kills on her.


Thanks for reading, and suggestions are always welcome. Cheers!

First Time Pantheon —

First Time Pantheon

First Time Pantheon


You know what’s the worst? Seeing someone totally kick ass with a champ, and then when you play, they turn out to be super boring for you.

Let me preface by saying I’m not a pro. I still have questions, especially since a lot of these champs, and by “a lot” I mean “most”, I haven’t really played myself. Only against, so most of my initial observations come from playing against them.

I’m still trying to figure out what kind of format I’d like to continue with here, so I’ll start with the game stats so you can get a better idea of what my experience was like:


3/4/14 | CS:  52 | 11k Gold | Win | 9 Towers, 0 Baron, 0 Dragon;  Built some AD, but mostly Armor to counter the build of  Kha’Zix that was top lane.
Note:  My CS is so low  because my smurf account is only a LVL 7 at this point. There is no jungler, so the common set up is two top. I was competing with a Wukong for CS. I’m not a really salty player, so if someone can farm better than me, I’ll just let them do it and stick next to them to get the experience.


What I liked:

I liked that he was able to block the next incoming damage. This includes turret shots! (Does anyone know if this applies to turrets that are in the enemies base with the continuous lasers?  I know it should apply for a at least a seconds worth of blocking, but surely not the entire time you’re in front of it?)

Because of that damage block, it was much easier to be brave. I was much less afraid of being squishy like with other champs. It was easy to provoke the enemy to try to poke and get them to waste a spell on you. With the newer people that I played against, it appeared they thought they did some kind of damage, because they sure like to dive right after hitting me with a shot.

What I disliked:

His animation for his E was kind of underwhelming. It looks a lot more like he was spitting at his enemies.

Because of the damage block, I found myself diving more often that I should have. It caused me to be less than 50 HP on more than 3 occasions before 20 minutes.

From what I recall of playing against Pantheon, he seems to really rack up on the assists. But LoL lists him as a fighter, and is typically played top. Garen, Lee Sin, Riven, and Illaoi are also fighters, so you would think he’d be able to  rack up some serious kills, like the rest of his fellow fighters. I suppose that just comes down to how you play him, though.

Well, he was kind of boring to play. I also have to admit that I never got to use his ult. I am ashamed to admit, but I couldn’t figure it out. You can’t use it while he’s running? Even if he’s in range, I couldn’t get it to initiate. I hope there’s not some weird trick to it. Point and click should be the only thing you have to do, like any other champ? I really fudged that one up. But it wasn’t all that clear on how to use it, so I’m counting this as a negative. Not fun, and I didn’t even get to enjoy an ult.



Well happy reading, folks.Cheers!


The State of Ladies in League? —

The State of Ladies in League?

Sad Google Search

I almost hate to admit this, but I actually made a really good lady friend through League. I moved across country and didn’t know anyone, and I was playing LoL, I ended up in queue with a player who username was the same as the county they lived in, and happened to be the county next to me!  Got to chatting, turns out they were a girl too!

We haven’t met IRL yet, but we’re planning on it soon. That would make a super fun blog post!


Anyway, to the topic at hand: Look at this super sad google search. That’s the “related” searches? I did a quick search to see what kind of other blogs there were that had to do with ladies and LoL – well, there’s not much.


I’m sure you all know (maybe) about these little bits of resources:

Just kidding, that’s my only resource. That and a Facebook group I discovered today, called “League of Hunnies”. I don’t know why I thought it was for girls, but now I realize it’s just people posting selfies and probably looking for weird roleplay hookups. I have removed myself from the group now. Though, I did enjoy the meme’s.


Anyways, I really hope more ladies can get into the League scene. I have a long story about a friend of a friend’s wife who’s very much against LoL (and all video games for that matter) and I’m pretty sure she decided we are never going to “hang out” because I play.


Well I’ve been drinking and this is not the blog post I hoped to write. It was just a strange rant. Sorry about that.


Cheers, readers.



First Things First —

First Things First

Okay. Hello. Let’s get this over with: I’m totally a chick. I totally play video games. Right now, I play League. I play for fun. Sometimes I care if I win.


I started this blog because I made  a smurf account specifically so I could expand  my champion horizons, and play every free champ. I’ve been about 2 days into it, and I’d like to start documenting how I feel about these champs. I think I’d also like to start documenting people’s reactions to me being female. Full disclosure: I’m a feminist. Not in the 3rd wave way, but in the “Why isn’t there a draft for females?” kind of way. Just to clarify.  I’m also a geologist, so I’m really quite partial to rock-themed champs.


And yes, the hype I feel for Taliyah is quite real.


I maybe one day would like to start streaming too. But I don’t have big boobs, and I’m  not nearly as angry as that crazy chick with glasses who just argues with people for money, so I actually have to rely on talent. Here’s to hoping!


Cheers, readers.