Well this goes without saying…she is way way overpowered. Her harass early game is crazy. The only way to fall behind, it seems, is if you don’t play aggressive enough, or the other team is focusing on you to make sure you don’t level that fast. Also, if you miss your q, that definitely doesn’t help anything.

First Impressions:
My first game with her made a good impression for me, but a little bit of a bad taste in my mouth. She was incredibly easy to play, I just had a hard time landing her E sometimes. Her Q was very similar to Sivir’s, and I’ve played her quite a bit in the past, so using that ability came naturally. Her W is kinda weird. I’m not sure that I like it “chooses” whichever enemy is in the way (is the one closest, or is it the one you’re attacking? I couldn’t tell).
My second game with her wasn’t nearly as good. I guess this is another problem playing with a very low level smurf account – You occasionally get put with people who barely play and have no idea what to do. I mean, I won’t complain, I used to be one of those people for sure. Just as long as you listen to the advice of the people on your team, everything should be okay for the most part.

– She’s overall pretty fun to play.  Definitely an easy champ, there’s no guesswork to her abilities and none of them are all that situational. Her E seems like it could be considered abuse if someone is even remotely close to your tower.

– Kinda really squishy unless you have a lead, even if it’s minor. She’s definitely the champ to pick out and keep killing if she’s behind. She doesn’t really have much defense, only a little bit of added mobility with her R.
-She relies heavily on AP, an trying to pick out items for her to use was kind of meh. My options were more AP to take out a ton of damage on someone who no magic resist, but against someone like Garen, she’s pretty useless. Which…I guess is probably how it’s supposed to be.


I may have encountered a few bugs, I’m going to have to check out my replays. There were a few times where I landed my Q or my E, the animation happened, but no damage or actual charming happened.