I’ve been playing League casually for a little over two years and today was the first time I’ve ever actually come across an intentional feeder. Not just a “having a bad game” feeder, or “first time playing” feeder – a straight up “Fuck you guys, I’m going to feed. Enjoy being a sore loser” feeder.

It is unfortunate that LoL has such a toxic userbase. Why is it so hard to just accept that you didn’t get what you wanted, and continue to play the game to the best of your ability? Well, I don’t know why I would expect that much from a bunch of smurfing level 10’s. Chances are their accounts were banned and that’s the only reason they’re smurfing.
The worst part about it, is that you can’t even leave when someone is intentionally feeding, because if you do, you get reported for being AFK. There’s no escape from this required 20 minutes of hell.

So what is there to be done here? The way that Riot’s reporting system works basically comes down to bots analyzing who just had a bad game, and who is actually feeding. It appears that even if there are multiple people from the same game who report a player, it still doesn’t mean much to the bot – trying to keep the tilted players separate from the ones who only report when something is justified.

There’s no disputing how many people abuse the report buttons. I think that offering some kind of incentive will be the solution to this. Like, if you had to pay IP in order to report someone. If your report is found to be legit, you get your money back. If it’s not – well congrats you just played yourself.

For starters, this would encourage people to not only make reports that are “worth”, but I think that this would help shape the community as a whole. The toxic trolls would not be able to get away with as much as they do, and people will be much less likely to abuse the report system, thus making it easier on Riot to find the baddies.

I hope that Riot will come up with a better system, maybe even something similar to what I suggested. Hey, how about giving away key fragments to people who make 10 legit reports or something? That’s a long shot, but it sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Now for the next thing for my to get over:

So close

You guessed it! This was a result of that last game with the feeder. Ladies and Gentlemen, I think a salty player was just born. That player? Probably me. And also probably anybody else on that team.


Thanks for reading and putting up with rant. Cheers!