What would you do if you had a skinny mechanical 3rd arm that shoots lasers hanging off your shoulder instead of a cute parrot? Zap people all day, of course!

First Impressions:
Viktor’s zappy explody arm laser sure had a learning curve, but I eventually got the hang of it after about the second game. I can see why he ends up carrying for many games. Even as a terrible first timer, I was able to get a couple kills and assists. I have to admit, I did not see much of Viktor before this last patch, so I can’t help but wonder if he got nerfed as one of the mages in 6.9. I honestly didn’t even know he was a champ that people played until a few weeks ago. And uh..let me tell you..getting zapped by that laser the very first time is really scary when it takes almost half your health. I really dig his laugh too. It’s kinda creepy but it matches with the Champion feel so well.

– His E (the laser) is SUPER fun. It’s very cat-and-mouse, trying to guess which way the enemy will run and deciding last second if you want to try to get them to run down the laser, or just through it. It’s harder to get the enemy exposed to the brunt of it, but if you can it’s really worth it. It’s got crazy damage potential.
– That you can upgrade his skills as you buy Hex Core’s. You can upgrade as fast or as slow as you like, but you really have to decide if the next upgrade is worth sacrificing boots or another item. If you’re kind of behind at first, this also gives you the option to get a little more damage off for less gold than a more expensive item might otherwise give you.
– Even if you’re not that conservative with your casting, your mana doesn’t feel like it’s gone by the time you’re level 3. It gave me a bit more confidence for all-ins.

– His W (stun) takes a little too long to deploy after initiating the click. I feel it’s far too easy to avoid compared to Thresh’s or Veigar’s stuns. I’m guessing this was implemented as an inconvenience to try to make him feel more “balanced”. I kind of wish it did damage when you got sucked into the middle, since getting stuck there was kinda your fault for not getting out in time.
– His E dominates his abilities so much, that I kinda neglected his Q. I almost didn’t want to use it in hopes I could use his E more. I’d probably be more excited to use the Q if it was flashier.

Overall, I’ll definitely start playing him more. He seems like a decent counter-pick for most mid champs, and he’s pretty fun to play. I’ll probably buy him when he’s on sale.


Thanks for reading, guys! Any tips, hints, or comments are always welcome. Cheers!