I bet for most of you, when you first started playing League, played any champ you could and didn’t stop trying them out until you found that magical synergy. The synergy that motivated you to try, and made you feel like you finally found your main.

I’m not saying I found that with Rammus, but for my first time playing him, I did pretty bang-up job. I got an S+ for my first time with Rammus for crying out loud! Okay, not much of an accomplishment at level 9, but I can pretend everyone I was playing against was a smurf. I’m fairly certain there were a few people on my team who definitely were not smurfs. Since I’m finally at the level where we run into dedicated junglers (instead of two top), I did expect that to be the play style we would have from then on. This game was weird though. I called ADC, but someone “missed it” and still locked in another ADC. So…we both just ADC’d and the support went top. It was a weird set up, but it turns out Rammus and Ashe have decent synergy (sorry for the overuse of this word). She could aggro from a distance and I could close in and fuck shit up when they tried to get too close. As you can see, it worked out pretty good. We went against Jinx and Vayne.

First Time Rammus

And you know, when you really start feeling good about a champ, you want to keep playing them! So, of course, the next time I play we have  not one but TWO AFK’ers on our team, one who had obvious lag issues and elected to leave to give us a better chance to fight rather than feed, and another who rage quit at 10 minutes in…So…Like I said earlier, I’m not a salty player, so I called it quits for the rest of the night. It was 2am anyway.


First Impressions:
I had a lot of fun with Rammus. I particularly enjoyed his W, and getting somewhere fast was quite entertaining with his Q. I knew he was more of a tank champion, but I had seen him bot many-a-times, so that’s what I wanted to try. His W was a good choice to level up first against ranged champions since it send some of their damage back to them. It also had a relatively low cooldown and low mana usage, so I was able to spam it as a shield AND damage. I like that a lot. It also makes me feel silly for ever attacking him with this shield up – I always thought I could get a little bit of damage off on him, but in reality I was just hurting myself more. But hey! This is exactly why I decided to make a smurf account and play only champs I’ve never played before. It’s meant to be a learning experience, and blogging about it really really helps me remember what each champ does.


-I mentioned this already, but his W is great for my playstyle. I can block AND reflect damage, so I used that to my advantage a lot. Makes for a GREAT waveclear late-game too.
-His Q is fun, but I kinda wish he stayed in a spinny ball rather than coming apart when he ran into something.
-He’s really really tanky. It makes me wonder how he stacks up against a champ like Malphite. I may use Rammus as a counter one of these days. I’ll let you know how it goes.

-He doesn’t say anything. His “okay” was super cute when I selected him, but when I got into game, it turns out all he does is dance. It was really disappointing. I love taunts!
-His Q’s cooldown is way too long, even late-game. It has to be that way to limit his mobility, otherwise you could spam his Q across the map. Since they took away the boot enchantments, I wish they could have added a bit more speed to his Q so he could get just a little farther on the map.

Overall, he was really fun to play and I found his playstyle to be MUCH different from the other champs I have played so far. I think I will actually buy him on my main account. He’s actually on the cheaper side of IP so I would recommend that any new players play him a couple of times and buy him.


Thanks for reading! Cheers!